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Solution of Accounting Problems

>> February 19, 2009

Students attending a
lecture on accounting and Tally at SVOPI

Here you will find our solutions on different accounting and tally problems which are sent by our readers to us in email box or contact box.
We receive daily large volumes of emails of accounting queries from different students, accountants, accounting teachers and lecturers and tally professionals from all over World. So, it is impossible to answer all the queries at spot. So, following solution may helpful to you to solve your queries. We advice you to read these solutions before sending us any query. From time to time, we will add new web page with more solution after solving the problems of online users.
These solutions are only on nature of query. So before using, you should understand also query. There are following solutions of different queries which I found in my Contact Box .
  1. Solution of Top 10 queries of Accounting Problems
  2. Answer of Tally Problem
  3. Solution of the problem of tally 9
  4. Solution of tally 9 problem - Sale and purchase
  5. Solution of Accounting problems from Pakistan
  6. 5 Reasons of not matching Tally's stock with physical stock
  7. Solution of Accounting Problem of Yahoo ! Answer Uk community
  8. Answer of Some Accounting Problems of My Online Visitors
  9. Solution of current date problem in tally 9
  10. Solution of accounting problem of Science Student
  11. Solution of problem regarding service tax amendments
  12. How to track goods used for personal use by employee and owner of business in accounting
  13. Do you want to Join in Accounting Education Seminar
  14. Solution of the problem of BBA student relating to Fund flow statement
  15. Solution of problem relating to cost center
  16. Solution of Manufacturing account problems
  17. Solution of problem relating to service tax on life time membership service
  18. Solution of Multi Currency Accounting Problem
  19. Recording the transaction of sale and purchase between USA and Kuwait
  20. Solution of Stock Category problems
  21. Reasons for not Showing My Mobile No.
  22. Solution of Problem of Cost of Production and Cost of Goods sold
  23. Service tax in tally9
  24. Simple Presentation for Calculating Cost of Production
  25. Is Service tax payable for providing recruitment service to foreign country
  26. How to Print Accounting Education Site Posts Effectively
  27. Accounting and Tax treatment of Retail Mobile Shop
  28. Solution of tax problems on the commission of mobile coupon selling
  29. Solution of accounting problem of talk time mobile business
  30. Solution of cost center problem of Infrastructural Company
  31. Simple procedure of VAT calculations and recording and printing of VAT form in tally 9
  32. Solution of memory access violation in tally 9
  33. What journal entries will pass in case of purchasing of Fixed Assets on instalments
  34. How to calculate the net profit of each project in simple way
  35. Simple Accounting treatment of EPF
  36. How to pass journal entries of hotel business
  37. How can watch purchase and sale bills of tally 9 in Google spreadsheet of Google docs ?

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Anonymous,  August 30, 2009 at 7:48 AM  

The following information is for Callaway for 2006 and 2005. (Dollars are in thousands, expect share info)
net sales for 2006: $1,017,907
net sales for 2005: $998,093
net income for 2006 (loss): $23,290
net income for 2005 (loss): $13,284
total assets for 2006: $845,947
total assets for 2005: $764,498

Shares outstanding at end of 2006: 67,954,213 Shares outstanding at end of 2005: 70,495,136 Shares outstanding at end of 2004: 69,111,349 Preferred Dividends for 2006: -0-
Preferred Dividends for 2005: -0-
Figure out the earnings per share for 2006 and 2005?

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