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Why should we study accounting ?

>> January 7, 2009

  • There are many reasons beyond of studying accounting which I am telling in following way :-

1st Reason →

Accounting is growing field due to increasing of different business regulations . Different international laws is in favour that company accounts must be made under accounting principle so , we should study accounting and its principles.

2nd Reason →

Accounting have many different area of specialize . You can make specialize in making and maintaining of accounts , internal auditing , Forensic Accounting , independent auditing , management accounting or cost accounting .So in accounting you can make your personality with your specialization . For this you have to study accounting .

3rd Reason →

Accounting subject can provide lot of jobs growth opportunities because every company need an accountant . So , they hire accountant and you can make your career in it .

4th Reason →

Accounting gives opportunity to move to other areas of business . If you will do accounting jobs in different business organisations . You can also learn different practical skills of business , so you can shift your career as a business and enjoy your life with independence . Almost all good businessmen start their career from accounting field , so we should study accounting .

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