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10 Tips of Tally 9

>> January 25, 2009

Tips of tally 9 are related to all tricks which increase the efficiency of accountants while they use the tally 9 software. So, here I am giving 10 tips with these, you will surely use in tally 9 with effective way.

Ist tip

If you are not sure to the correctness of your voucher entry at this time, you should use optional vouchers or you can make a false company just for practice and check its effect on your final accounts in tally 9, if you think that this is correct under rules and regulation of accounting, you can make it regular.

2nd tip

Tally 9 provides alteration tool which can be utilized for rectification of accounting errors. When you find any error in accounting ledger creation or voucher entries at this time go to alteration mode and correct your mistake.

3rd tip

Tally 9 can be used every type of business or profession for using in your own business or profession, you need to change some of feature and configuration setting in tally 9 .

4th tip

If you have applied extra and advance setting of tally 9’s feature and want to remove it , for this write No for removing any setting but if it is not accepting it means , you have created some ledger accounts or pass voucher entries first all delete these voucher entries and after this you can change your feature . This tip can be used only for practice but I do not suggest this to do, if you are making regular accounts of any company on the tally software because, after deleting any voucher you can get entries except recycle bin in tally 9 .

5th tip

If you have just work of voucher entry of purchase and sale , then you can create stock item in accounting voucher by pressing Alt +C and if you are in stock item for and want to create measurement of unit , then again press Alt +C in stock item form .

6th tip

If you are confused for ledger account creation means under which group we should show specific account. Then think about the nature of account, it may asset and asset may two part current asset or fixed asset. If this account may relate with expenses, expenses also two part direct or indirect expenses. If you confused with personal account, then it will go under sundry debtor or sundry creditor account.

7th tip

If you would like to know how to get a round off figure in tally accounts, you can use scale factor for values to round off the figure.

8th tip

If you want to create your customize report in tally, tally 9 provide you the options to customize reports like size and width of paper, report title etc. You can decide what to print. You can also configure text of confirmation statement and reminder letter.

9th tip
You can maintain your library in tally with your accounts, for this you have to create stock item for, each book. When, you buy a new book, enter through purchase voucher, thus you can maintain stock. If you give books for reading, you can enter through delivery note and when you receive enter it rejection –in – voucher.

10th tip

You can also record your school’s transactions in tally 9; main income of school is fees from students. The school fees should be entered in receipt voucher by creating tuition fees account and debiting cash or bank account. For payment of salary or any other expenses, you can choose payment vouchers and will debit respective expenses of school and credit cash or bank account.

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