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Accounting Notes

>> December 9, 2008

These accounting notes are so important from educational point of view . I have tried to keep it in their specific category . I hope it will be helpful for your accounting study . There are many notes which have to add in these category so keep in touch with accounting notes .

Basic Accounting Notes

  1. Accounting Education -
  2. Area of Accounting
  3. Future of Accounting Education
  4. Accounting Concepts and their importance
  5. Accounting Concept
  6. Accounting terminology
  7. 5 Benefits of Accounting Education
  8. Difference between book keeping and accounting
  9. What is accountancy?
  10. define the journal
  11. How can make the journal entries
  12. Trial balance and steps for making trial balance
  13. Different types of Expenses
  14. Simple income statement
  15. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  16. Making of Bank reconciliation statement by yourself
  17. Free accounting knowledge
  18. Relationship of accounting with other field
  19. Accounting cycle
  20. Depreciation and effect on final account
  21. Difference among depreciation, fluctuation and obsolescence
  22. How to make fixed asset account under fixed installment method
  23. Methods of providing depreciation
  24. What is provision of depreciation account?
  25. Diminishing balance method of providing depreciation
  26. Definition of Reserves
  27. Types of Reserves
  28. Calculation the credit purchase
  29. Difference between revenue and capital items
  30. Difference between capital loss and revenue loss
  31. Feature of revenue expenditures
  32. What are basic rules for making difference between capital and revenue expenditure
  33. What is deferred revenue expenditure?
  34. Definition of Drawing
  35. Some accounting terms
  36. calculations
  37. Definition of goodwill
  38. Personal accounting
  39. Theme of Accounting Education
  40. Accounting As an Information System
  41. Difference between Loan and Advance
  42. Relationship Between Accounting And Information Technology
  43. IASB proposes amendments to clarify the accounting for embedded derivatives
  44. Accounting Education
Financial Accounting Notes

  1. Outstanding expenses and its accounting treatment
  2. Adjustments of Final accounts - full detail in table form
  3. Accounting Treatment of Provision for doubtful debts
  4. Manufacturing accounting
  5. How can I make the accounts of NGO and Charitable societies.
  6. Accounts of Sports clubs
  7. Accounting of Temple
  8. Partner ship accounting -Part 1
  9. Partnership accounting basics
  10. Practical Problem of Partner ship accounting
  11. Calculation of interest on drawing in partner ship accounting
  12. Accounting treatment of partnership accounts at the time of admission
  13. Making of provision for bad debts accounts
  14. Rectification of errors
  15. Simple method of rectification of error
  16. Proforma of Balance Sheet
  17. Method of calculating goodwill
  18. Revaluation account
  19. how can I make revaluation account
  20. Capital Adjustment
  21. How can You calculate new and sacrifice ratio at the time of admission of new partner
  22. Accounting treatment of goodwill at the time of admission
  23. Adjustment of capital at the time of admission of new partner
  24. Difference between memorandum revaluation account and revaluation account
  25. Accounting treatment at the time of retirement
  26. Dead partner’s executor account
  27. Accounting treatment at the time of Dissolution of Firm
  28. Accounting Treatment of Assets and liabilities taken by partner at the time of dissolution
  29. Explanation the scheme of Gradual realisation of assets and Piecemeal distribution
  30. Accounting treatment of Insolvency of partners - Garner V/S Murray - Deep Study
  31. Accounting procedure for Conversion of a partnership into Limited Company
  32. Amalgamation of Firms - Definition in simple English
  33. Steps for closing the accounts of old firm at the time of amalgamation of firms
  34. Accounting of jewellery business
  35. Branch Accounting - full tutorial
  36. Accounting treatment of web-publishing profession
  37. Accounting Treatment of Provident Fund - Part 1
  38. Accounting Treatment of Provident Fund - Part 2
  39. Investment Accounting - Ist part
  40. Investment Accounting -2nd Part
  41. What is insurance
  42. Explain the accounting procedure for ascertaining the loss of stock by fire
  43. Procedure of calculating loss of profit
  44. Voucher entries of insurance claim in tally 9

Cost Accounting Notes

  1. at what rate will we calculate closing stock ?
  2. Introduction of Inventory Management
  3. Do you know quotation
  4. proforma of Quotation
  5. Delivery Note and Invoice
  6. Debit Note - In Simple English
  7. Credit Note - Simple English
  8. Affect of Business Activities on Stock Calculation
  9. Definition of Labour Cost and main reasons of increasing labour cost
Management Accounting Notes

  1. Cash flow statement and its utilization by Accounts manager
  2. Proforma of Cash flow statement
  3. Inflation accounting or price level accounting
  4. current ratio
  5. Importance of Calculating Average Collection period and Average Payment period
  6. What are Profitability Ratios
  7. Responsibility Accounting
  8. Definition of working Capital and benefits of its analysis
  9. Financial, Cost and Management Accounting and their interrelationships
  10. Leverage Analysis
  11. Comparative financial statement
  12. Proforma of Comparative Income Statement
  13. Making of Cash flow Statement with both direct and indirect methods.
  14. explain the indirect method for calculating cash flow statement
  15. Securitisation
  16. Think before providing loan
  17. How to prepare Fund Flow statement
Corporate Accounting Notes

  1. corporate accounting in detail
  2. Accounting of Shares Forfeited
  3. Meaning of Bonus Shares
  4. What is bonus and bonus share
  5. Source of bonus shares
  6. SEBI Guidelines for determining maximum quantum of bonus issue
  7. Accounting treatment of bonus shares
  8. Calculation the value of bonus shares
  9. Deep Study of capital budgeting
  10. Terms used in Corporate Accounting
  11. Accounting Treatment of issue of shares on premium and discount
  12. Accounting treatment of issue of share for purchasing an fixed asset
  13. Adjustment in company’s balance sheet for call in arrear
  14. Accounting Treatment of Call in arrear and call in advance
  15. Table making for adjustment of extra money received at the time of application:-
  16. Deep study Of Accounting Treatment of Share Forfeiture and reissue of share forfeiture shares:-
  17. Accounting treatment of Issue of debenture
  18. Redemption of Debenture and method of redemption
  19. Sinking Fund – Method of redemption of Debenture
  20. Accounting Treatment of Provision for Income Tax
  21. Recent Trends in published accounts
Auditing Notes

  1. Define the auditing
  2. Audit Evidence and Method of obtaining evidence
  3. Voucher and Vouching
  4. Basic Principle of Governing the form and contents of working papers
  5. Permanent Audit file
  6. Current Audit file
  7. Are audit files the property of auditor?
  8. Accounting Education for Chartered Accountants
  9. What can Chartered accountant in the field of accounting
  10. Accounting Fraud in Satyam Computer Company – True facts and story

UGC - NET - Commerce Notes

  1. What is financial Accounting
  2. What is management accounting?
  3. What are General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)?

Tax Accounting Notes →

Notes for Tax Accounting

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irfan March 13, 2009 at 9:47 PM  

i am running an ssc hsc academinc clasess, i want to make my accounts in tally, but i m confused in that wether i make company with inventroy or accounts only
If i make my company in accounts only then what which group should i give to my students. and how can i proceed my accounts in tally.

Vinod Kumar March 14, 2009 at 2:57 AM  

Dear Irfan ,

Account only option is suitable for service professionals and account and inventory option is suitable for business purpose .

You can create "account and inventory" company type in company creation . You can take the exam. by asking question them to pass voucher entries . For doing this you can give different transactions of business , like purchase , sale receipt of cash from debtors etc.

That is very simple . I think you can now complete your duty easily .

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