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Simple Voucher Entry in tally

>> October 5, 2008

Today , I am teaching you how to make simple voucher entries in tally 7.2
Simple Voucher Entry means any entry in simple mode without changing the setting of tally 7.2 . It means it is as equal as journal entry . but after every journal entry you must accept it
Steps for Voucher Entry in tally 7.2

1) see the voucher and then determine two ledger account
2) open tally 7.2 and make ledger of above transaction
3) Now you are ready for voucher entry
Come to gate way of tally → voucher entry→

You must know the detail of Voucher Entries
You will see voucher in right side in voucher entries
1. All cash and bank inter-related transaction records in Contra Voucher
Short Cut Function key = F4
2. All cash and bank receipt entries will record in receipt voucher
Short Cut Function Key = F6
3. All cash and bank payment entries will record in payment voucher
Short Cut Function Key = F5
4. All Purchase entries goods will pass in purchase voucher
Short Cut Function Key = F9
5. All Sale entries will pass in sale voucher

Short Cut Function key = F8
6. All purchase return journal entries will record in Debit note voucher
7. All sale return journal entries will record in credit note
8. All other records except above entries will write in journal voucher =F7

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