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Steps to Learn Accounting on Your Own

>> February 14, 2013

 Learn accounting on your own or self-learning of accounting is the best way. If you are ready to learn accounting on your own, I can help you from where you can start to learn accounting.

Before explaining this, I want to motivate you: 

Recently, I met a great motivator. He told that diamond is the most costly in the world. But do you know who identifies the diamond. Only merchant of diamond can identify the diamond. Do you know who is the diamond and who is merchant? Both are you. You are diamond and you are the merchant. You just forget your identity. First of all, you have to do efforts for becoming merchant and then it will be easy for you to find the diamond inside you.

I am applying same rule on you. There is great accountant inside you whose value is just equal to the diamond in the world market but you have forgotten your real identity. You will start your own efforts for learning accounting. Otherwise no one can help you. If you start to do hard work, we are ready to give you the direction.

 1st Tip. Know Where are you in Accounting

 If you know nothing in accounting, it means you are on zero. If you know something, then know where are you? Take the book of basic accounting and take your own test and check do you know this. If you clear the test, then go to advance accounting. Again take the test of yourself. If you did not clear, it means, you need to learn only advance accounting. When you find where is you in the present position, it will be helpful for you to go to next step

 2nd Tip. Study Accounting Books 

Buy the books of accounting in the market and sit on the chair and study them. Note everything which is out of your understanding. Now go to expert and try to understand. There is lots of accounting forum online in which you can discuss same problem.

3rd Tip. Attend Accounting Learning Seminar 

It will be happy news for all my online accounting students that I will organise my first offline accounting learning seminar in which I will share lots of tips which will be helpful for you to learn accounting through self-learning. Soon, I will tell its date, time and place. Still it will be for Indian students. If foreign students will offer me to organise same free accounting learning seminar in their country, I will be happy to accept.

4th Tip. Bring Curiosity to learn new things in accounting 

Every day, lots of new things happen in the field of accounting. Bring curiosity to learn all new things in accounting. This will bring passion in you to learn accounting. For example, make the friend in the facebook whose interest in accounting. Discuss accounting related things. Share them what you have learned new in accounting online to your facebook friend. I have a friend whose interest is in the comedy but he is in accounting field. When I go to the homepage of facebook, I see that he always share only comedy films of youtube and other sites. I did not see that he share any new thing relating to accounting. Yes, I learned so many things through his sharing of comedy film. It is good but when we talk about to learn accounting on your own, at that time, all these thing will only helpful to learn comedy on your own not accounting.

5th Tip. Use Online Accounting Resource

There are lots of accounting resource on Wikipedia, wiki-how  ehow and youtube. Learn them everyday. All are helpful for you to learn accounting yourself.

6th Tip. Do Work as Account Assistant

If you want to learn something practical in accounting, I recommend you to do work as account assistant in any company. Even you have to do free work for some time for learning purpose, you have to accept this opportunity.

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