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100 things I've learned from Amit Agarwal

>> August 8, 2010

You can find a simple man with high thinking on the world of Internet. Learning is his aim of life and research is his habit. The name of great personality is Amit Agarwal. He is the founder of Digital Inspiration. Since Jan. 2008, I have been reading his blog, I've learned 100 things from Amit Agarwal but still I did not meet personally.

1. To write and to write more quality contents. If you want to become professional author or blogger, best place of learning is his blog or you can get training from his Indian Blog School.

2. I do simplify the technology, Internet, blogging after learning  from Amit Agarwal via his written contents.

3. I am reader of his blog. Ever time when I go to his blog, I find something special. I learned new idea to write and to present it on the site.

4. I don't know the technical deepness of web designing, but reading his blog I have solved my many technical and technological problems. In read sense, it is my personal guide, where I can learn technology with simple and interesting way.

5. I have learned to give selfless support to online needy users.

6. After study from Amit Agarwal, I learned how to present some of logical facts in effective way.

7. Learned, what to write daily something.

8. I got inspiration to write the blog from his blog. I think digital inspiration is inspiration for me in reality.

9. Amit Agarwal is great Guru of technology. His teaching way is very attractive. After his teaching, if anybody will do practical, he will surely get success in his task. With this, I get inspiration to become good teacher in my field.

10. To become patient. I've learned from him the lesson of patience. Do hard work and keep patience is his idea of success.

11. Once I was not coming idea to write the post in accounting education. I have read his old post " How to Overcome Blogger Block". It gave me power to write with many new ideas. I recommend you to read this great post.

12. Commentary on YouTube videos.

13. To write on Wikipedia.

14. AdSense tips and tricks in presentation form.

15. How to make the chart of web page links with html map. Example is of my Finance chart for all my finance related contents.

16. To do only hard work.

17. To make infographics according to contents.

18. To become regular reader of other blogs like him.

19. To follow his site's design.

20. To make html map.

21. To take the lesson from his GMail and Google Apps Hacking Tragedy.

22. To submit all page site map to google with his site map tool.

23. To live life without the instruction of boss.

24. To teach what I learned in practical life means experience sharing ( Good and Bad).

25. To become unique like Amit Agarwal.

26. Doing ones duty leads to progress.

27. To elucidate with fun.

28. Dedication.

29. Devotion.

30. Not to pride on status or earning.

31. One image = 100 words = Don't ignore images

32. Google

33. To manage reputation online.

34. To create good design, color, size and font.

35. To write reviews.

36. To publish small quotes of other site's great contents.

37. To collect quotes and testimonials.

38. To express own thoughts in blogging.

40. To learn new English words relating to technology like cloud computing and 3G Mobile technology.

41. To visualize everything.

42. To learn India Inc. 

43. To write advantages of specific technique after explaining it detail and then to write the steps for process of that technique.

44. To learn ability to convey my message effectively to my audience.

45. His blog is a place where I can feel relax.

46. To write tips and tricks.

44. Not to criticize others.

45. To see YouTube video, twitter updates, relative at face book.

46. To think,  what is the reason and what is its effect and what will be the best solution among the alternatives ?

47. To advocate freedom of speech.

48. One who labours, his luck also favours him.

49. To write disclaimer for technical and legal issues and contents.

50. To get idea to present the post of blog means which content should be bold, which font is most suitable, which line and para will be most suitable with what word.

51. To explain the steps of any tutorial by writing the reasons and causes and then to start the process of tutorial.

52. If I am writing a blog post but that doesn't seem to go anywhere, just save it as a draft and start working on another article. I will always get new ideas for your previous post later.

53. He is my hope of rejuvenating to my blogging career.

54. To think once again before publishing the content. Maximum options must be mentioned to solve the problem of reader that is learned  from Amit Agarwal.

55. Amit Agarwal is the youngest professional blogger in last 15 years in the world whose blog gets 3 million page views per month. I learned from him the honest way for getting same traffic for my blog.

56. Online competitors are the best friend of bloggers.

57. I learned to Give creativity to blog by writing the contents of create anything in my niche.

60. How to present my intellect in the front of readers of my blog.

61. To participate in online forum for providing some voluntary help to the needy and helpless users of net.

62. Talented did not come from birth but continually hard work makes you talented.

63. Never stop the voice of media. It should be open and free for all.

65. To organise everything effectively.

66. To look who are talking about you.

67. Sunday is for family not for blogging.

68. To encourage others by writing boosting up words.

69. To fail the astrology with own karma.

70. To spread your network by creating good relation with other bloggers.

71. To love the children and write something specially for them.

72. Not to answer, if I do not know the answer.

73. Flood of good and unique contents means flood of traffic from google.

74. To do thanks Google.

75. Good Professionalism

76. Review, review and review other dedicated blogs and take idea.

78. Be the expert of SEO for surviving in blogging.

79. Take only good things as quote and leave bad things of other blog.

80. I also learned the working style of Amit Agarwal. He works as the worship of god. I learned, he works on target time -table not just time based time -table. You can also see how he write next day works on his white board in recently published video "Amit Agarwal - Life in a Day"

82.  He started his blog in blogspot and wrote the best with his skills, from this, I learned, as a very simple man, I can dream to write best and can reach at where he is. Because like millions of other wannabes, if Amit Agarwal leaves his work by thinking how can I reach top in blogsphere by writing, but Amit ji did not feel negative and become our model and father of blogging. He is also a former MVP at Microsoft.

83. To become sober on other topics which are not related to my niche. I learned his expertise in history, India's economics, geography, finance, managementtaxes, Political Science, Psychology of Indian bloggers, , Environmental Sciences .

84. Learned, How to write letter to Google?

85. I learned that without fun, life is boring.

86. I learned blogging success tips (from his video Amit Agarwal - Most Popular Blogger from India (labnol) on CNN IBN) like to be consistent to the content and regularly post the contents.

87. I learned steps to submit a Complete Sitemap of my Blog to Google webmaster tool.

88. Not to depend on one source of earning because over-reliance on one service or source is often risky.

89. To be true to the subject matter.

90. Podcast

91. To know online business.

92. Blogging is only free expression in Online World.

93. How to take quotes from other inspirational sites.

94. Tips on how I can improve my performance, Note-Taking Skills, overall typing speed,

96. It is a virtue to write less, to write thoughtfully and to write sweet.

97. To learn blogging culture.

98. I learned, "one who wastes even one minute, can not become a writer."

99. Hopefulness leads to right direction in the world.

100. To be happy make other happy.

I am interested to learned next 100 things from Amit Agarwal, if you have learned anything from Amit Agarwal which has not been included in above, please mention it in following by comments.

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Inderjeet Singh October 6, 2013 at 4:13 AM  

Amit agarwal is really a great personality. His blog labnol gave me many useful tutorials. I daily read his blog.

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