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Earn money by publishing your accounting and Finance blogs on amazon kindle

>> May 15, 2009

In USA and other developed countries , there are large number of people who read blogs on amazon kindle . Amazon kindle is a mobile type chip and any body can read
any blog from it but he has to pay for it . It is not free subscription . is sharing his income with blog publishers . This is also good opportunities for Indian Accounting and finance writers and bloggers who are earning from google AdSense and now can get extra earning from their blog feed publishing in . For this they have to fill simple this form . is sharing earning 30 % of his earning with publishers who will submit there blog feed view above form . The price of subscription is Approximately 1.99$ and you will be given 30% . But after this it is good news for writers who writes on business , investments , industry facts , accounting and finance .

System for publishing your blog in kindle

System of publishing your blog in kindle is very easy . You will have to fill the form of above mention like in this form . After this you have to add your feed burner feed address in RSS feed and also upload your blog's screenshot size 800X 600 pixel and logo your blog in the form of banner of your blog and save it and published after 4 to 5 hours . will publish it in his site where any one can get your blog feed by paid money and read your accounting and finance article wireless and offline reading . From Every reader's paid amount's 30% , you will get .

Reading on Amazon Kindle

I have checked my accounting site on Kindle generate blog preview ,it will show in following way

Payment to Writers

For Indian writers and bloggers amazon will also pay vie cheque . There is no extra charges for sending payment to Indians .

So , Add you accounting and finance blog in Amazon Kindle and earn extra money . You can also subscribe my blog feed in Amazon kindle2 here .

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Anonymous,  May 16, 2009 at 12:36 PM  

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